Quantum Physics in Health

NES Infoceuticals depict a quantum leap in supporting you reach optimum effectively-currently being. They are liquid energetic treatments 'imprinted' with handy bio-information and facts. Infoceuticals can address concerns with your energetic process from the bottom up, assisting to correct blockages, errors and imbalances that could have an impact on your In general physical and emotional condition.

They are made to be taken in the home in an ongoing a single time every day protocol. Their achievements lies in perfectly matching an Infoceutical (cure) to a selected organ, procedure or sub-procedure of the human body. The benefits of the Infoceutical lies within the imprinted info. Infoceuticals include filtered water and plant derived micro-minerals. These micro-minerals would be the substances imprinted Using the corrective bio-details.

The imprinted details inside the Infoceutical treatment is immediately absorbed into the body-field. It then interacts directly with the body-industry that can help tackle blockages or distortions correlated to physical, emotional, environmental, smog air pollution, and chemical toxins. Clearing these types of blockages and distortions can help restore your body's balance and boosts its inherent therapeutic attributes - frequently far further more info than what we commonly knowledge with our chronically compromised bodies.

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